Special Peel Sessions

Brought to you by: Crumpler Bags Dave's Quality Meat MishkaNYC Continuum Cycles BoundlessNY Presented by Get Sum with Get Pitted Lifestyle. LIVE Under the BQE Thursday, November 15th 8pm Meeker at Jackson | Brooklyn $5 Entry Sprints slalom and drag Tricks flatland and wheelies Skids long and style


ToniZachShawnSolomon said...

Hey man,

My name is Solomon Sofolawe and for the past month or so now I've been holding this thing called Fixed Friday..it was basically the same thing as Peel Sessions but in Philly. I held the event every Friday but slowly it fizzled out because no one seemed to want to progress in riding fixed except for the ones you probably know like Tom, Willis, and Tony and some others but not enough. So I decided to throw an event the first Sunday of every month called SLOW SUNDAY. I had the first one two Sunday's ago and it was pretty good but not as good as it could of been. There were some kids that came out and all was fun...I had BEST TRICK AND SKID, SPRINTS, RELAY RACE, AND BACKWARD CIRCLES. I am throwing another one on Dec.2ND and I would love it if you and some Nyc people came out and joined in the comp. I really want to help people progress in riding fixed and doing tricks..thats what I've been about from the start. So it would be cool if you could come out and compete and spread the word about this thing. I'll be throwing the first Sunday of every month.

you can check out the flyer and more info here...myspace.com/fixedfridays

Prolly said...

Yeah! We're planning on coming down for this. No worries! I may be in Philly on Sunday too...