Burial Interview

The Gaurdian has interviewed the elusive dubstep producer, Burial. For a great insight into the mind of the most secretive man in dubstep, give it a read. Here's a choice excerpt: "Burial's second album, Untrue, is punctuated by the skippy drums and "girl-next-door" vocals of two-step garage and early jungle. Elsewhere, the sounds that make up his night-time sketches are lo-fi - he has only worked in a proper studio a few times in his life, a fact he is mildly embarrassed about. He confesses that his favourite sounds are sampled from "Vin Diesel's car keys in a film, bullet casings hitting concrete in Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation". Another is the sound of his brother's lighter sparking. Burial's music succeeds because of this warmth, this closeness to real life, which marks it out from the super-produced efforts of certain goliaths of dance music, all clean lines and smooth edges." BurialUK

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