Shop Gentei Alphabet Race

Results are in! This past weekend, we took off to Baltimore to ride the Shop Gentei alleycat for the Bmore MASH premier. It was a lot of fun and these guys know how to throw a party as well! I just have to say... NYC cleaned up the prizes! 1. Dan Chabanov [NYC] 2. Alex [Bmore] 3. Yatika [NYC] 4. Crihs [NYC] 5. Austin [NYC] Andres and I pre-rode the race an hour before it started. We thought we'd save some time by cutting through Druid Hill park, but in the end, it looks like it hurt us a bit. I got 31st and Andres got 34th. At least I know how to navigate around this city now! Amanda's got some pics here, be sure to check them out! I'm sure more will surface on flickr shortly.

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