Dan C threw the 3rd[?] annual Alleykitten race today. The last race of 2007, it was short and sweet. Meant to get as many people out to have fun and not a typical cut-throat NYC alleycat. Here's my route, with a few wrong turns edited out. 6 checkpoints and it was about 11 miles or so. Not long, but when you're hauling ass, you feel it. Andres, Jameson and I stuck together for the most part, a few of the new kids [like 16 years old] killed shit. I've never seen so many ballsy [and stupid] moves from someone in their first race. I had a few close calls, including cutting in front of a cop while crossing Park Ave at 59th st. Jameson finished 8th, Andres 9th and I got 10th out of about 30 racers or so. Maybe a bit more. Will over at Razorapple has a nice little writeup on the race as well as some pics [some attached below]. Luke Stiles also took some shots, via his Flickr. Big ups to Dan for throwing this race and I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. See ya in 2000 hate. Results: 1st Cooper-Brush teeth 2nd Jeremy 3rd Link-Drink more 4th Nick Cali-New Years resolution 5th Rodrigo-More drugs 6th Dave Varno-No cheating 7th Ed-New bike 8th Jameson-Get band famous 9th Andres-Sex 10th John Watson-Less drinking 11th Colin-Stop Sadness 12th Gene (DQ)- Fuck bitches 12th Alissa-Quit Job 13th Roberto-Eat it all 14th Kyle-Win 15th Shadi-More Pussy 16th Chris- ? 17th Kai- ? 18th Graham- Bike more 19th Dan S- Stop smoking dope 20th Carl- Crow 21st Alexis- ? 22nd ??? 23rd Mike U- Win more 24th Rebecca- Spend more time alone 25th Christian- Bike more 26th Ben E-Get faster 27th Heather- 28th April- Kiss more 29th Dylan- Hang with Heather…Naked 30th Jen- Drink less


Anonymous said...

do your races cost money to enter? if so what does the money go to. just looking to start doing races in my town. thanks

Prolly said...

When NYC alleycats began back in the late 70's and early 80's it was usually a few bucks to enter and winner takes all.

Now with the extreme popularity of them, there are tons of sponsors. It's still about $5 to enter and the money either goes towards a cash prize, or towards something else, like the venue, beer, ect.

This race in particular was of the old school model. $5 to enter, winner takes all.