1950's British Built Higgins Path Racer

New Old Bike Day! 1950's British Built Higgins Path Racer -57 square c-t-c -Titan Stem / Bars -Inch-pitch drive train -Cottered Cranks -Reynolds 531 throughout Details -Pencil seat stays -crowned fork -beautiful lugs -no dents -no rust -very light Background on the bike: The bike was purchased in circa 1950 from Dick Power by a racer of the period named Don 'cookie' Miller who, btw, I know and speak with occasionally. It was origainally purple in color. Higgins was known for fancy box linning but, according to Miller this bike NEVER had it. Perhaps because they were for export. Anyway, Miller raced the bike in the NY/NJ area. Remember the bike was bought as a frame. The bar and Stem are original and make sense because Power sold most of his bikes with Titan stuff. Wheels are from the period and actually came off a Drysdale that one the 1958 National Junior Championship and probably date 54 or so. The bike was painted several times but......each time Miller told me he was careful to take off the head badge and then revet it back on so it is definitely ORIGINAL! The seat and downtube decals were obtained by Miller from Higgins himself and are also period correct. I have sent Chris Hewitt (VCC Marque specialist) pics and he backs this up. This last paint job was done by Harold 'Corky' Gulbransen as the down sube sticker shows. He owned a bike shop and built his own frames under the "Corky" brand. He retired and now lives in California. His son Harold was National Junior Champ as an intermediate. Corky was a friend of Dick Power and, when Dick closed up shop inherited his frame building jigs. As to Higgins himself he was, according to Hewitt, a very meticulous engineer who took up bike building quite young. His bikes were known for their excellent construction. And, as you can see, there is no flamboyance, but tasteful utility. He was know most for his racing tricycles.


® said...

sweet and classy... higgins, hetchins etc... they're all slowly killin' me...

Mauricio said...

I would like to know if the bikes in the 50's had big an heavy tires or wheels.

Is it possible you can help me?

Tahnk you.

Mauricio Carmona