Rat Pack Hustle Recap

Last night, up in Riverbank State Park [145th on the West Side], the second week of the Rat Pack Hustle took place. Rat Pack is a night filled with sprinting, beer drinking and getting to know our fellow NYC riders. It's mostly Track / Fixed because of the nature of the race, but a single-speed guy got 3rd place last night. southside We met at the base of the Williamsburg bridge and rode up the West Side Bikepath to 145th street. Riding under the buttresses of the WSH was really crazy. Massive steel structures loom overhead like some alien craft from a sci-fi flick. 'Noni proper Once we got to our destination, Dan taped off two lines and we started warming up. Dan, who organized this week's event told us since more people showed up this time, rather than going with a head to head elimination format, we'd just go in pairs and the rider with the best time would continue on. me warming up Josh and I went first. I think my time was 16.86"... About 12 more people went, narrowing it down to the final rounds. John G and I went again and it was the closest race of the evening. Because I was at 48:16, It took me a while to get my cadence up. Once it was up, I pulled ahead. Barely. Dan said my front wheel crossed the line as John's front wheel was directly behind mine. The final race was down to Kyle and Quacker. Kyle's fast, but Quacker [who's a senior in highschool] whooped up on the MASH rider. Quacker won this week, Kyle came in second and Andres came in third. quacker, ftw! Good times! See you guys next week. dudeman wheelie Results: Preliminary Heats! josh evans ----- 19;56 john prolly --- 16;87 daniel l -------- 17;71 mac ----------- 18;57 john b -------- 16;34* anthony d ----- 18;30 lucas ----------- 18;15 peter ---------- 18;73 lawrence ------ 17;91 quacker ------ 16;53 blake ---------- 19;34 justintalent --- 19;23 andras -------- 16;75 kyle ------------ 16;41 REPECHAGE TIMES josh evans ----- 19;28 daniel l -------- 17;06 mac ----------- 18;41 anthony d ----- 17;88 lucas ----------- 17;94 peter ---------- 16;97* lawrence ------ 17;97 blake ---------- 18;56 justintalent --- 19;05 SEMI FINALS TIMES john prolly --- 16;68 john b -------- 16;70 peter ---------- 17;19 quacker ------ 16;26* andras --------- 16;52 kyle ------------ 16;45 FINALS kyle ------ 17;05 quacker --- 16;24* *best time for heat and here's our route

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