MASH NYC Premier

MASHattan was a blast! I’ve been waiting on this ONE film to come out for the past two years or so. MASH is a film by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin, two esteemed skate photographers with a need for speed and the will to chase after a bunch of brakeless and gearless fixed gear riders through the hills of SF. There's so much to say about the film, the race and the trick competition. Cadence, DQM, Trackstar and MASH put on a great time. I think we gave them a warm welcoming indeed! Nubloom's just uploaded a video of freestyle tricks... Trudy's got some pics here Jack's got some pics of checkpoints here J. Martinez of Fatlace has some here eXcess has some GREAT pics here Amanda's are up here Skidknee's amazing shots of Tom are here and mine are here


eltighty said...

wheres the pics the asain dude with the dreads took

Prolly said...

I think Kyle from DQM got them, but only uploaded a few to his blog.

The photographer's name is Takuya Sakamoto.

Prolly said...

... just found them on Pedalmafia's Gallery too.