Battle 4 Brooklyn Reminder

The 5Boro Generals bring you the Battle for Brooklyn. Final Mission of the 5 Series! Team and Individual Competitions Drag Races. Alley-Crit. Sprints. Slalom. Skids. Full day of racing and 5BoroGenerals Awards Party. For info www.5borogenerals.com Your team can be anywhere from 3-5 peoples. There will be team events that require 3 people to participate. There is a relay that requires at least 2 people from your team to participate. There are individual events that every team MUST send at least one person to participate in. Team with most points at the end of the day takes the battle (and get some sort of big bag of schwag to split up), PLUS each individual will get BONUS points to their Generals Classification, Hill Climber, Cavalry Charge, etc. Also, TOP MAN overall most points for the day for all the events (not necessarily fixed, but there are events that are fixed-friendly) will be crowned the King of Kings. Look out for: 3 person team time trial. 2 person Relay race. Skid Slalom racing. Tricks competitions. INDIVIDUAL and TEAM bonuses. plus, not feeling like racing? come watch. Promise that it will fun and exciting. Think NASCAR, but without the exhaust fumes!

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