Yes, Probably...

WOW. So, this weekend has been a blast. Joi was in town from pRaleigh, NC and we have been giving her the grand tour of NYC and BK. She's leaving Tuesday afternoon so we still have 2 full days to show her 'sup with the 718. Yesterday we romped around Williamsburg, hitting up all the essential stores that a girl in her 20's would want to visit and I ended up leaving her at Beacon's Closet for a few hours. We ended up eating at Taco Chulo and then headed over to Jameson's loft party. After a rumor that Ghostface was heading to KCDC, we trucked our way to the northside. Alas, it was a rumor, so we made our way to Savalas for the Mad Suspect party. Now, i'm not neccessarily a creature of habit, but with good music, good people and cheap drinks i'll be the first to admit that I enjoy this party and will return to it every week. Even if it's just for a few drinks. Well last night Drop the Lime and the Captain were straight cutting shit up. Beat after beat we were wylin out and having a good time. I took a lot of pics which i'll post later on. But for now, here's the Captain's blog documenting the alleged thug wizzardry occuring. On our way home, Amanda and I were walking along Metropolitan under the BQE when this cab rolled by and this kid yelled some shit out the window to her. I usually just let that slide, but for some reason I decided to throw my cup of ice at the cab, just as a symbol of my appreciation for ignorance. Well, this drunk-ass busted Jersey lookin girl hops out of the cab and runs up to slap me. Quickly, I stepped aside and pushed her outta the way and told her to go home. At that point, the kid that was yelling at Amanda ran up with his fists all out like Dempsy and tries to take a swing at me. He missed. Then, the girl comes up and blind-sides Amanda and in my attempt to help her, I let my gaurd down, at that point, that lil bitch sucker-punches me. He wound up all Cartoon Network style too. I'm assuming this punch was everything he had in his body, but it literally was like having a 12 year old hit you in the face. I just laughed at him and made my way over to his face with my fist. I caught him in the face, cutting my knuckle on his mouth in the process. I then kneed him in the stomach and straight up side kicked him in the ribs. At this point, he was getting pissed and we were yelling "GO HOME" to him. Now, i'm not a racist. It annoys the piss out of me when people use that as a crutch. This dude, thought we were telling him to "go home to Africa". He proceeded to call us "Yuppie hipster racists"... Over the recent months, the word "Hipster" has made its way on my top 10 "GOD ENOUGH ALREADY" list. I cannot stand this word, it's essentially like calling someone "young". We ended up leaving those two worthless people to rot in their own anger and we went home. I woke up this morning with no hangover and a small shiner. BATTLE WOUNDS BROOKKLLLLLLYN!


the captain said...

good pictures bro! sorry to hear you got into a little scuffle. what a wild night Saturday, so much weird shit going down. We'll see you soon.
We got a shirt coming out, that you're definitely gonna dig. We'll make sure you get one of the first ones.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm . . . says mom

Anonymous said...

yay anyonymous can post!
go mom!

i need a blog..without the effort.


Anonymous said...

"that dog has no soul!"

those pictures are so great.. i m totally stealin' em. fun times!

+ you need to change your settings so anonymous can post..