Head hurtin and all that...

GOD! Last night was seriously a cat 5 for sure. Low Bee and Aaron Lacrate layin out some heavy Bmore Club till the wee hours. Amanda and I rolled out early and hung out with Pete and others. At $10 a drink, I decided to keep it sober night. The Trouble and Bass Crew, Cut Boys and some Bushwick peeps were out in full-force. As were the shiney shoes, sexual predators from the UES. Everytime we tried to wyle out, one of these dudes got all sandy and looked at us like we were crazy. Not to mention they were trying to pick up anything with a snatch. Aaron La Crate threw down some HEAVY Baltimore club. The crowd seemed to get down to it and although like most venues Oxy chooses for these parties, there were 80% toolbags in the crowd. But the 20% of hype was in full force. Tonight, we're prolly gonna lay low because God took a piss on me this afternoon. Out to Nash's bday party and prolly something local. Tomorrow, it's the Mad Suspect party at Savalas. Gotta get my fix. ONE

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