It's been a while

Yes, It has been a while. I hardly doubt anyone reads this blog anyway. But for those that do, the past few weeks have been too miserable to really pose any significant blogging. Saturday morning, I felt like hell. My sinuses and congestion has only gotten worse over the past week. Literally, when I woke up Saturday, I couldn't swallow or breathe. After some DayQuil®, I ran over to the Bushwick Bike Shop and picked up a new wheelset for Amanda's stingray. I've mentioned this bike previously. It was an eBay buy for $80 and it's been sitting in our loft for the past few weeks with a new coat of Krylon X-metal purple anodized spraypaint anticipating a new set of wheels to make it whole. Well, $120 later, I've got her up and running. We rode through the rainy streets of BK during the morning hours and then to the LES during the afternoon. Amanda got some new shoes and I picked up some new shirts and shorts for the summer weather. I have to commend her on her endurance. She didn't need to take a break at all on the bridge, her legs just kept moving the cranks as fast as she could. Here's a shot of the bike before and a few shots after... cheers

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