Vans and Fixed Gear London

So Fixed Gear London just upped these images to their Flickr stream and I have to say, this bike looks so ill! Can't wait to see the whole thing guys! "Fixedgearlondon was founded by Andy and Ted in 2005, riding fixed has since become our lives – and more. This frame is the first that Ted has built from scratch and is Fixedgearlondons’ interpretation of what a Vans fixed gear bike should be like."


smartwentdumb said...

What type of fork is that and can you buy it somewhere?

Prolly said...

It's a Charge fork. Basically a 26" rigid MTB fork. You can get an SE Landing gear or a DMR fork here in the states.

Not sure how hard it is to get Charge products here in the states. A friend of mine tried recently and said it was impossible.

Andrew said...

Email them and ask if they have any U.S. passive distributors. If not, ask for a list of their U.K. distributors. Call until you find one that wants to do business. I always find it hilarious when you kids claim "oh, it's Japanese/British/Italian/french/Swahili and IMPOSSIBLE to get, I'm just going to fly there and buy 100". It takes a shop 10 minutes to Fed Ex something.