Trick Track Toronto

Mosher breaks his frame. Like the smoothie + 180 bh combo. Just recently got those as well!
Toronto Track Tricks from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.


Sakkis said...

Still not into the ledges and rails but the ground tricks are fucking sweet. Also, what is the song/band? It kinda reminds me of what music would sound like if only children were allowed to make music.

Tom Mosher said...

Prolly, cool to hear you're working that trick, I was surprised when it magically worked one time and I've since developed a crush on it. Also thanks for sharing my vid!

sakkis, the song is 'Dan Deacon - Wham City', glad you liked (some of) it!

*lady rachel* said...

Wow nice work mosher! What frame did you break? What frame are going to get next?