Beyond Throwback

So excited about this... As a matter of fact, when you search on Google, one of the first results that pop up is quite interesting. Love the old reference to 'Dinosaur'. Out May 1st 2007


My 2004 trip to Holland is now documented on my Flickr set. Some great photos of inspiring architecture.



I'm sure I'm a little late on this one, but I just came across DJ-C's Baltimore [hot Southpark mashup!], Berlin and Boston mixes and they're pretty good. He's got them up royalty-free on Mashit. Check them out here: Mashit Dont forget, this saturday is TROUBLE AND BASS ... and check out Luca's interview in Beautiful Decay this month. Luca's views on the future of House Music for him is dead on with the whole Bass-Heavy movement that's going on in NYC. Trouble and Bass are blowing the hell up! Big UPS! Also, Tayo dropped some DTL heat in his latest BBC Essential mix. Cop it here


One Less Car

Amanda picked up a Mark V frameset today from Bike Doc. The summer of steez is upon us as the Rim Jobs [heh] take to the streets of Brooklyn and Manhatten armed with bright neon colours, endless messenger bags of beer, lomo cameras and custom fixed-gears... As soon as this puppie is up and runnin' we'll be posting updates. buh buh buh

Undisclosed client, undisclosed location

Since I've started my new job at David Hotson Architect, I've been thrown into a really intense design charette. For the past 3 weeks, we've been working on a rather complex form-generation process. For countless nights, we've put in 12+ hour days and drank about 50 pots of coffee. Week 3 came and our final presentation was ready. That's all I can say at this moment about the project. Here are some images - [they're just a sneak peek]


New Balance M670

I haven't worn New Balance since Track in high school, but some of these new colorways they've produced in the past months are so dope. A lot of the collabo's they've done are too taxed for my budget, but these M670's are supposed to be GR, which would be huge in my opinion. Here's two colorways in the M670, the black/white and the black/orange [my favorite color]. Might have to grab a pair of these! The black/orange resemble Solebox's purple devils; a shoe I've coveted since they dropped.

1st Avenue Machine

Fixed gear and track cyclists become the artifice that drive the machine in Monster Track 8. Filmed in New York City on February 17th, 2007, during New York's infamous track bike only race. All footage was shot by Nick James on a Canon Optura 400 rigged to a helmet. Download the video here BicycleLove has a nice little flicker set up as well...


Disco D Tribute

More information on the aforementioned Disco D Tribute at Studio B...


Monster Track 8

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ridin dirty. Reallllly dirty and salty. This was a blast. I've ridden other Alleycats before, but Monstertrack is the 'superbowl' of Alleycats. There's nothing like riding with 200 heads or so up from L.E.S. allll the way uptown, blasting through intersections, maneuvering around motorists and pedestrians, sprinting through Times Square, haulin' ass across Houston and just having a blast. The fact that the race was in winter and the average temperature today was in the 20's, a lot of people stayed in; leaving the top messengers in the world and the people who could muster up the energy to clip in and ride, sprinting though Manhatten and Brooklyn. Had a few close calls with cars and series of serious leg cramps. In nasty weather, what can you expect? I think Jameson and I finished in the 70's out of about 200 people or so, not bad... Here are some pics of Domino tonight after the race.


Adafruit Industries

Void your warranty... Ever want to personalize something in a sea of mass-produced gizmos and gadgets? Adafruit now offers custom laser etching for just about anything. Check out these pics!


Copper Indies

For 1,000 pennies, you can cop these from Gentei.

DQM x Trackstar

I picked my jaw off the floor this morning as I checked Keith Hufnagal's blog When I was in Dave's Quality Meat a while ago buying a hat, I brought my bike in with me. The two dudes runnin the show there also ride track bikes and immediately started checking on my whip. We started talking about how it's interesting to find skaters pick up a trackbike because they ride it like an old 80's bmx. [The owner, Dave, swore loyalty to his old BMX bike...] I've seen kids riding wheelies, spinnin' handlebars, bunny-hopping and other bmx-inspired maneuvers. When you add a fixed cog to the mix, you can skid, do trackstands and skips. Well, DQM upped the ante by releasing this collaboration with NYC elitist bike shop Trackstar. I'm gonna get my hands on one of these puppies.


Take your brakes and shove them...

No brakes, no fear, no exceptions... Bring it. I'm listening to Sweedish War Metal all week to prepare for this 'ish! Monster Track 8

Ride, ride, swerve...

The day has come. Domino's wheelset came in. Kinda makes it look like a Clown fish right?



Not to continuously gloat about New York City, the people and the scene here, but jesus... March is going to be bangin! The amount of shows coming up are insane. Optimo, Booka Shade, Ellen Allien, Ms. Kitten, Dj Assault, Jesu, Scotty B, Isis, Daughters, Acacia Strain, Trans Am... The list goes on and on. The Captain of Thug Wizzardy, booked Ellen Allien and Ms. Kitten with my good friend Lauren Flax at Studio B. Big ups XLR8R and Cut!

Puffy Bass Face

Since I started my new job, I've been knocked down by a series of head colds and 24 hour bugs. I feel like I've been a bit of a hermit lately after spending the past few weekends either at work or at home. Last night we hit up Savalas for Mad Suspect with the Captain, who had just got 4 wisdom teeth out. Patrick was wearing a hood with bear ears to cover his puffy cheeks. It was a fun night, not slam packed all night like it usually is and the music was great. Some kid got all huffy [not the bike] when Danzig caused a bit of a rukkus and we think he broke a stink bomb for ruining his night with screams of "mother"... Patrick and I have been reminiscing about Skycamefalling and other hardcore bands from the late 90's lately. I sent him "... to forever embrace the sun" and a few other albums. He mashed up some Ludicris track with "visceral", one of the most brutal tracks from the short-lived band's career. Here are some pics... The Captain has a few shots up as well!


Work It Work It

Man, I heart NYC! Disco D Benefit Show Feb 21st @ Studio B Spankrock (live) Assault DJ Funk Annalyze Stretch Armstrong Derek Plaslaiko Lauren Flax $10 at the door 100% of the proceeds will go to Neutral-Zone More info to come....