Puffy Bass Face

Since I started my new job, I've been knocked down by a series of head colds and 24 hour bugs. I feel like I've been a bit of a hermit lately after spending the past few weekends either at work or at home. Last night we hit up Savalas for Mad Suspect with the Captain, who had just got 4 wisdom teeth out. Patrick was wearing a hood with bear ears to cover his puffy cheeks. It was a fun night, not slam packed all night like it usually is and the music was great. Some kid got all huffy [not the bike] when Danzig caused a bit of a rukkus and we think he broke a stink bomb for ruining his night with screams of "mother"... Patrick and I have been reminiscing about Skycamefalling and other hardcore bands from the late 90's lately. I sent him "... to forever embrace the sun" and a few other albums. He mashed up some Ludicris track with "visceral", one of the most brutal tracks from the short-lived band's career. Here are some pics... The Captain has a few shots up as well!

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sharksworth said...

yo bro! link up some jams! you cant blame long island for being hardcore capital!