Monster Track 8

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ridin dirty. Reallllly dirty and salty. This was a blast. I've ridden other Alleycats before, but Monstertrack is the 'superbowl' of Alleycats. There's nothing like riding with 200 heads or so up from L.E.S. allll the way uptown, blasting through intersections, maneuvering around motorists and pedestrians, sprinting through Times Square, haulin' ass across Houston and just having a blast. The fact that the race was in winter and the average temperature today was in the 20's, a lot of people stayed in; leaving the top messengers in the world and the people who could muster up the energy to clip in and ride, sprinting though Manhatten and Brooklyn. Had a few close calls with cars and series of serious leg cramps. In nasty weather, what can you expect? I think Jameson and I finished in the 70's out of about 200 people or so, not bad... Here are some pics of Domino tonight after the race.

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