Modernity Flooded

Mies Van der Rohe's masterpiece, the Farnsworth House has fallen victim to the floods. It looks like the house sustained little damage due to its piling-foundation. Let's hope all is well once the waters subside.


Roberto said...

Isn't this what Farnsworth was designed to do? My understanding was that it was intentionally built elevated within the flood plane of the river for just this effect. Looks like the water is below the slab...??

Prolly said...

correct. Although I'm not sure how high the water rose.

All the years growing up in NC and dealing with Hurricane flooding has shown me that flooding often results in higher water tables.

I had a friend who's backyard was a cypress pond. Once Isabel came through, his WHOLE backyard was a pond, not just the back section.

Also, tidal changes can greatly affect flood planes.