Between the Buried and Me "colors"

One of my favorite bands and fellow North Carolinian heavy-hitters, Between the Buried and Me is releasing a new album entitled Colors. Even though I don't typically like to support piracy, I couldn't help but download the leaked version yesterday and have spent the past 24 hours listening to it. You can really pick up all the various influences of the band moreso than in the past albums. The first track "The Backtrack" pays an homage to Queen, one of the most dynamic bands of the 20th century. You can also hear Paul and Tommy's influences from Prayer For Cleansing in "Prequel to the Sequel". Informal Gluttony picks up some Melvins / TOOL melodies that makes me want to start listening to Maynard's vocals more. Blake Richardson's drumming is bone chilling and Paul's melodic riffs are technical without being over the top. This album will open up pits and cause the audience to sway side to side just like Alaska. Pick it up [not just the change] when it drops!

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