Leave it to JB

So my roomate [now and through college] is a huge news head. He constantly wears his iPod around the house listening to NPR and other news programs. Well, he's a clever dude too. One day we were listening to the Little Brother Gangster Grillz album, JB was like "Dude, does he even know what he's using as that soundbit". I had no idea either. It seems Drama is supposed to be saying "Cannon" as in a "projectile", when in reality... well just check out what he just [tried to] post[ed] on DJ Drama's Myspace page. Funny right?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, doesn't Drama drop the "N" bomb on his tracks? Isn't he white? Am I missing something? Tell your boy this made my sides split!

Anonymous said...

It is correct that the drop is saying "Gannon" but it's not from a Jeff Gannon sound bite. It actually comes from the Madden NFL video game, and it's a reference to former LA Raider quarterback, Rich Gannon. This is why you normally hear "Steps Back" following the Cannon echo. Anyone who has ever played Madden knows that's what John Madden's voice said when the QB would draw back for a pass.

Anonymous said...

soo.. . which is it??