August is here...

So this weekend was epic for many reasons. Mike and Steph have been here all week and Jed arrived in town Thursday. We went to 3rd Ward to see Spankrock and some other acts. Oxy Cottontail and DTL were there throwin down some cuts with the guys from the BBC. It was hot, dusty, sweaty and muggy. The space at 3rd Ward is huge. I can imagine some great shows in the Fall and Winter, but right now, in the heat and humidity, it'd take a lot to get me hyped. Well, Thursday night, with Mike and Steph in town and Jed having just arrived, I figured it'd be a good opportunity to show them how us kids in Brooklyn like to throw down. Friday morning I woke up with another splitting migraine. This is the 3rd one this week. It was crippling. I hope I haven't inherited my Mom's headaches; although it seems I have. Friday, we trekked around the LES with Trevor, Jed and Amanda. Jed bought some Dunnies, we rolled to aNYthing, Tiny's, Reed Space and a bunch of other joints. Then, after walking around, having a few beers we went to see Hot Chip on the East side and met up with some people. We took it easy that night and saved up our energy for Saturday night. Saturday was a trainwreck. We woke up late and decided to roll to Jones Beach to catch some sun. After the hour drive, we arrived, soaked in 3 hours worth of sun and headed back to the city for my uncle Bruce's birthday dinner. Then we headed back to BK for the Moon Over Crooklyn party at Galapagos. We ended up getting there in perfect time to see Starkey and Drop the Lime play. Starkey's beats were straight heavy and DTL's set was mad hype. I've never seen a crowd move like that at Galapagos. The Cut Boys showed up and it was a great time. Sunday was the Pool Parties in McCarran park pool. Music sucked. It wasn't hot, so I fell asleep. Here are some pics from the weekend in chronological order. Some are by me, others are by Jed. Enjoy!

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