it begins

Finally, bloggin tha shit. This week I head out to the ennnn ceeeeee for a 5 day trip filled with sun, surf [hopefully] and cheap cheap cheap beer. Will post photos during the trip for anyone that might be remotely interested in my hometown. This weekend was intense. Friday night, we went to Sweet Ups for a beer, then to Union Pool and I ended the night at Enids with Jameson, Tina and Lucy. After a bunch of beer, I hopped back on Corb and headed home at 4:30 or so. The next morning, I awoke at 11 ish and prepared for the Dumbo Alleycat Race where I endured a constant pounding of my saddle from the cobblestone roads. About 100 people showed up and Jameson and I stuck it out for the full Manifest. Considering that I haven't been to Dumbo in over a year [I used to work for JPDA on Front and Jay] I was overwhelmed by the amount of gentrification that has taken place in the time passed. Jameson and I finished the Scramble and headed back to the city for the finish line. The race started at 3 ish and ran till about 6 - not sure how many miles we rode, but i'm feeling it today. Saturday night was the Cut party launching at Savaaaalaaaaaas. Where Drop the Lime, Syrup Girls and the Captain laced some molten shit that left people in a crunked daze and someone FINALLY threw down that Petey Pablo joint..... This one’s for North Carolina! c’mon and raise up Take your shirt off, and twist is ’round yo head Spin it like a helicopter Sunday was spent at Jameson's Greenpoint apt with about 12 cans of PBR and 2 guac burgers. Again overindulgencence is key to any good party. Till next time UNO

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