910 and what of it?

Cheah ch ch ch ch cheaaaah. So i'm sitting at ILM right now boostin off the free internet signal. I arrived in town Thursday ayem around 10 or so last week. My mom picked me up and we immediatly went to Sweet and Savory [my favorite lunch / breakfast joint] - where I had some good Southern Soul Food. After that, I pretty much just sat on the beach and relaxed. Thursday night we went to the Bluepost where I thought it would be a good idea to drink $1 PBR from 8pm till 2am. Mr. Mitty, Jill, Kevin, Amanda, Sarah Belle, Sarah, Stacey and some other people sat around and got pretty wasted. I ended up crashing at Jills and awoke at 8am ready to go to the beach. I met Sarah at the beach and we got a bit of sun. Friday night I hung out with the 910 PCM kids. Drew, Matt, Justin, Shaun and Sarah all chilled out at the Soapbox and played pool, drank $2 tallboys and just goofed off. I awoke the next morning and immediatly was bummed by the presence of rain. The waves were going off and rolling in at a solid chest high face. So I went shopping because the water temp is still 62ยบ and this white boy is not going in that. I rolled by Sweetwater and Tony had some Send Help Dunks and some San Fran Gold Digga Air Trainers on CLEARANCE! I scooped them BOTH for $100. Keep in mind, both of these shoes go for well over $150 on ebay or at Supreme. It's pretty insane. After landing my new kicks, I rolled to Dr. Stylze on Market and picked up my 910 New Era hat. Much love for the 910. Saturday night was epic. It was my birthday at midnight and we all just hung out for a few hours at the Soapbox and clowned off. Kutler came and proceeded to get me drunk and Joi was there with Eddie. It's such a good feeling to have people all over the country who care for you. Sunday was spent at the beach with my bro Mike, getting sunburnt and just catching up. When we got back, we went out on my Dad's boat and went flying down the waterway. It's such a great feeling to have the warm wind blowing through your hair. Well, my flight's about to board, here are some picssssss

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