Stop Making Sense

The city's Department of Transportation announced yesterday that it had installed nine temporary bike racks designed by musician/bike enthusiast David Byrne. The racks stand out in design and color— shiny red, black and silver— and are intended to promote bicycling, which has been a main emphasis of the current transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan. Eight of the new racks were installed in Manhattan, with the other in Brooklyn. “It was important to me that these new racks be the same thickness and material as the existing racks—to help identify them as practical bike racks and not just modern art,” Mr. Byrne said. “The locations about as perfect as one could imagine — Wall Street for the dollar sign and Bergdorf’s for the giant high heel!” Each rack has a name and a design that relates to that specific location. Appropriately named, "The Hipster" rack is on Bedford Avenue near N. 6th St. in Williamsburg. See all nine locations here.

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