Parisian pop-off


Warm Fuzzies

I'll let you in on a secret; I have a black and white fetish.


Bushwick Session

My friend Em had a bunch of film to waste the other night. Here are a few of her shots...


Fist Fuck

A recent discovery on Google video of NIN's "Broken" bootleg.. remember buying a shotty VHS copy of a video entitled “Broken” - thinking it was a live concert, I immediately put it in the VCR and watched it with my friends.

What we saw was the most disturbing piece of media I had witnessed.

You can thank me later…



I am really floored by this. Yesterday afternoon I clicked on my Curbed shortcut and began to scroll through the various real-estate coverage when I saw an ad for the Eater's review of a new houty-touty restaurant called Bobo. Immediately, I began snickering myself. I knew right away that the NYTime's very own David Brooks' novel "Bobos in Paradise" must be the reference. What these people don't realize is that the term bobo was and still is used in hip hop and rap as an adjective to describe something that's jenkie, ghetto or fake. Everyone remembers trying to fix your car with duct tape and having all your friends call it "bobo", or wearing "bobo-ass" sneakers to 4th grade. Well, along came David Brooks, having obviously never have heard the word before and decides to write a book about the blending of Bourgeios Bohemian urban yuppies. [Rich white people love making stupid catchy phrases out of local areas; i.e. SoHo, TriBeCa, DUMBO, ect] In reality, he's just getting a bunch of upper-class, UES house wives to use the word in daily conversation about the "trendy" or "hip" crowds and some fool decides to name his new brasserie after it. Keep it classy.


Travis Barker Souljah Boy


Saturday October 6th
Drop The Lime
Star Eyes (The Syrup Girls)
Zak Shadetek
The Captain (Cut)
FREE Before 12 am
$3 After 12
Rose Lounge
345 Grand St. bet. Havemeyer & Marcy
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
For more info:

Fiesta Soot

Do not miss this shit.

I can has?

Orange 20 got in their anodized EAI products. Lookin fine'

Bike Shorts

No, not Lycra. Short films. Sunday, September 30th, at Larry Lawrence, 8pm. Be there!


Mishka Pop Up

Mishka Pop Up
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What have we here?


Not a whole lot I can say that streetsblog hasn't already said, so look here for their article!

Fujiwara can't ride fixed

Probably the funniest shit since "Pharrell Cant Skate" and "Neither can Lupe"... Fujiwara's spotted a picture that recently surfaced on the net of the new "Fujiwara can't ride fixed" shirt and has written a response on his Honeyee blog.


blaqstarr rye rye

blaqstarr rye rye Originally uploaded by John Prolly
Some pics from the last Cut party. Blaqstarr killed the decks.


New Rendering

Just kidding, this one's from dbox, the world-renown rendering firm. It's a nice clean image advertising the 3-story penthouse of the Frank Scary, I mean Gehry, IAC building on the West Side of Manhattan. Via the NY Times' slideshow

DJ/Rupture vs Filastine Shotgun Wedding 6

Please, go out and pick this CD up. Jace kills it with his usual pleasant mixture of pop hip hop, heavy bass bangers and international flair. The Filastine track is straight fire too... Great album!


My city is dangerous.

Really, really dangerous for cyclists... From Will



All I'm going to say is, about time!


Orbicule is a new anti-theft application for Mac OSX. Pretty great idea.


Carhartt x New Era

Well, I've seen it all. EU Carhartt has teamed up with New Era to produce a rather colorful run of 59/50 hats for their european market. What? I guess they didn't see these flying with Tobacco Farmers...

My girl's so talented

So Amanda works for MTV and Rhapsody as a senior graphic designer. One of her recent projects was to design the Justice after-party poster for the MTV VMAs. Everyone at MTV and Rhapsody loved it. They said it would be one of those posters that "will be ripped off the wall of the venue and taped up in various bedrooms afterwards"... Proof. Here's some pics from Redslurpee, one of the many party picture blogs that documented the afterparty. Check out this one in particular! Big ups girl!


Mishka Fall '07 Release Party!

Flower Power

To celebrate 100 years of Taxicabs in NYC, Portraits of Hope is sponsoring a series of vinyl decals to be placed on various cabs throughout the city. Children in New York have painted designs on the vinyl decals and they've already found their place on the trunks, hoods and rooftops of many yellow cabs. More information here


Alphabet, an exhibition showcasing hand-drawn lettering and experimental typography opens October 11th in New York City. Below are the details, as well as some of my favorites from the gallery. Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography EXHIBITION INFORMATION October 11 - 27, 2007 / The Cooper Union / New York, NY Hosted by The Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography Houghton Gallery, 2nd Floor / School of Art 7 East 7th Street at 3rd Avenue / New York, NY / www.cooper.edu Opening reception: Thursday, October 11 / 6:00 - 8:00

80 Metropolitan's Ad Campaign

... has been altered. Well, actually, I'm not sure if it was altered to look ironic, or just altered. Ahhh, the battle of Irony continues. Via curbed


Get ready to HURT!


Originally uploaded by sinceagain
Amanda's got pics of the new puppy weekend up on her flickr. Take a look at Pixel, our new family member!



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I finally got the Marinoni track ready. Next weekend I'll take her out for a few laps.

Welcome Pixel

I would like to say that I'm incredibly stoked to be getting our puppy tomorrow. We've decided on a name and because of both Amanda's and my profession, we figured Pixel would be a suitable name. Pixie will be her nick name. Isn't she cute?

Chupacabra caught!

The legendary Chupacabra of Texas / Mexico has been caught, says KENS-TV of Southern Texas, in the town of Cuero. Local lore speaks of an animal that sucks the blood out of livestock and causes great damage to farms throughout Mexico and Texas. The word Chupacabra means "goat-sucker" and while the picture of the beast doesn't look as gnar as the illustration below, the owner of the body is still putting its head on his wall!


Queens RIOT!

I'm the King of Roq

Friday September 21st Cut Boys present... DJ's: The Legendary Man Parrish Larry Tee Blaqstarr Live Performance by Rye Rye Trouble & Bass DJ's $8 ADVANCED TICKETS $12 at the door 18+ at Studio B 259 Banker St. bet. Meserole + Calyer Brooklyn, NY Sponsored by: Mishka XLR8R Magazine


What is Dubstep?

So I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm ahead of the curve, but I've been into Dubstep for quite sometime now. When Luca first started playing it at various parties, it immediately caught on with a bunch of kids. I try to explain it to a lot of people and it's really difficult to describe this fairly new genre. Well I just came across this video and it makes a lot of sense. Watch as the Dubstep Doc interviews all the heavy-hitters.


Taxi Strike

Please God, please get rid of all the cabs everyday! My commute took half the time and I went the whole ride without a death threat or a single horn being blown at me. Not to mention, drivers were actually giving me the lane. They practically handed it over like "here ya go, you have a tough commute, take this"... More info here on the Taxi strike.