I am really floored by this. Yesterday afternoon I clicked on my Curbed shortcut and began to scroll through the various real-estate coverage when I saw an ad for the Eater's review of a new houty-touty restaurant called Bobo. Immediately, I began snickering myself. I knew right away that the NYTime's very own David Brooks' novel "Bobos in Paradise" must be the reference. What these people don't realize is that the term bobo was and still is used in hip hop and rap as an adjective to describe something that's jenkie, ghetto or fake. Everyone remembers trying to fix your car with duct tape and having all your friends call it "bobo", or wearing "bobo-ass" sneakers to 4th grade. Well, along came David Brooks, having obviously never have heard the word before and decides to write a book about the blending of Bourgeios Bohemian urban yuppies. [Rich white people love making stupid catchy phrases out of local areas; i.e. SoHo, TriBeCa, DUMBO, ect] In reality, he's just getting a bunch of upper-class, UES house wives to use the word in daily conversation about the "trendy" or "hip" crowds and some fool decides to name his new brasserie after it. Keep it classy.

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