No Hander

No Hander Originally uploaded by Nashalina
Love this shot that Nashalina took of me at the Bicycle Fetish Day Festival. Bright orange...

Google Google Google

With all the hype associated with Google's new Street view, it was only a matter of time before some GEEK spent his Monday night recording movements through NYC and exporting the image sequence to Quicktime. Well, here ya have it. Conclusions? BROADWAY IS BORING

New Bike Day

Here's Johnny

FINALLY. Someone paid an homage to Kubrick with a shirt inspired from the Shining. SSUR has produced another fine piece of clothing for the Summer of '07. They managed to capture the intensity of the climax from the movie with what appears to be binary code. Cop it now at Boundless, or at their storefront on 7 Spring.

Super Team 33 - Fanzine

Everyone had a zine back in the day. I know my good friend pushed his on everyone, claiming it was the best in the 'scene'. Well, New Balance has created a bit of nostalgia for your feet with the 3rd installment of the Super Team 33 series. When I first saw the Aquarium Fish ST 33's, my jaw dropped. The craft, detailing and materiality of these shoes set them apart from anything else I had ever seen. The Fanzine Super Team 33 pulls in references from the Zine era [before blogs and the internet]. The inner lining is printed with photocopied material, typewriter text and the random lines you get when you copy a template. Perforations and halftones call back to the typewriter days and the gray scale imagery found in these underground magazines. At $200 a pop, they'll drop at 33 stores worldwide. I lucked out and got my Neon Fish ST 33's for $100. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to cop these at the same price...


Scraper Bikes

Amazing that in a culture that is bombarded with excess in the form of pimped out cars, these kids made their own bikes, scene and a song. Not to mention, they're in high school. Love the ghostride.



NYC steps up the Goldsprints circuit.


Drop the Lime "Hear Me" video

Low Bee Datarock Passions

Low Bee Datarock Passions Originally uploaded by John Prolly
Just a reminder. This Saturday, Datarock, Low Bee and Passions are here to bass you. Pics from Mad Suspect are up on my Flickr set as well...

Be a Man

If YOU drive like an ASSHOLE I will come for you in your sleep. People who drive twice over the speedlimit deserve to get the electric chair. People who almost hit cyclists while driving twice over the speed limit deserve to get curbed.


One handed

One handed Originally uploaded by John Prolly
Some randomness from this weekend are up on my flickr. After an insane week at work, I spent 9 hours on Friday sleeping and recovering from a nasty cough. Once it cooled down a bit, I met up with Amanda and D who were doing a photoshoot and we spent an hour or so messing around.... There are some pics from the aforementioned Bike Fetish street festival up as well. Mostly the long skid competition.


Temporary Container Structure

The aforementioned competition I worked on with Thread has suffered major construction deadlines and has had to be re-designed with a modular framework in mind. In an attempt to meet their new deadline, Thread teamed up with normaldesign to create a new concept for the Artshed. The project is dubbed "Temporary Container Structure". For you Google Earth heads, you can also download a model on the site.


Commonwealth vs Joshua Davis

Maxalot Gallery presents, Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis - Tropism #3. Joshua Davis Commonwealth June 16th

Mishka - the summer of scum

Mishka's got a new lookbook up on their site showcasing some of the new threads available for the summer time. Peep it here. It's great how they list their precedents through pictorial references. Really shows how these guys resolve push their influences into each and every piece of clothing. Big ups and more pics after the jump!

I gotta Fetish, you gotta Fetish

You gotta bike? I gotta bike. Let's ride. All pretention aside, come join the cyclists of NYC this Saturday or the Bike Fetish Day Alleycat. Information is here - hope to see you there!

Rumble through the Bronx 4

That's riiiiiight... More info can be found here. Also, the checkpoints have leaked here

Sabertooth Skeleton

BONOM & LORK - Etterbeek Station Video sent by michaeluyttersp

New Fitted Hats

Summer time summer time... New hats via Strictly Fitted The new HUF [3m reflective what???!!??!] and DQM hats are lookin fresh and the Fitted 4 team hats are gonna catch a lot of attention with their day glow colorways. The Sabres hat is so yellow. Be sure to wear your HUF 3m hat at night while you ride so some car service bastard doesn't hit you!


What about what I need?

Drunken Wheelie

Drunken Wheelie Originally uploaded by John Prolly.
Pics from the Bicycle Film Fest 2007 and Trouble and Bass party are up on my flickr account. Some of the pictures from the freestyle competition are pretty cool as well...


Math Head tonight at 200 Orchard

Beautiful #6 - Torus Space

art thing Originally uploaded by hardcore100.
From Hardcore 100's flickr stream. Amazing.

Robots in Disguise

Michael Bay has posted high res .pngs of the 3d models used in the new Transformers Movie. The level of intricacy was inspired by the Citroen dancing car commercial of '05. Check out a few images here - click them for full-res.

Cut Presents Datarock

Low Bee, Passions and Datarock are set to perform on June 2nd. DO NOT MISS THIS [even though I will be in Baltimore] Looks like a rad time.


Cadence East Coast

It's really exploding by this point. Kids are killin it.


Shop Gentei + The Gentei Rad Boys kickoff summer with our very first Alley Cat Race. Getting things started at Shop Gentei, Hey Riders! sends its combatants all over the city of Baltimore in one of the city's premier alley cat races. Afterparty to follow.

Registration will be held Shop Gentei at 3pm, Saturday June 23rd, and the race begins at 5pm. Tons of prizes to be given away.

Hey Riders! Saturday, June 23rd @ Shop Gentei Registration 3pm, Race @ 5pm 1010 Morton St. Baltimore, MD 21201 info@shopgentei.com Afterparty details TBA.

Hey Riders! is going down thanks to the following sponsors: Cadence, Calee, Dave's Quality Meat, Fortyninesixteen, Major Tailored, Puma, Reload, Space Mountain, Stussy, + Velocity.

KS Summer Release Party


Thread Collective In NY Magazine

The project I did a recent rendering for was featured in the real estate section of New York Magazine. The image for the e7 building by Thread Collective is displayed at a whopping 200x200 resolution. Oh well. At least Thread's building did really well on the "Green O-Meter"

Amanda's new shoes

Are really really dope.


Bratty Kids

If you've ever had to baby-sit or have children of your own who are brats when it comes to shopping. Just threated to feed them to T-Rex...

3-2-1 Contactecture

"It's Architecture... Arch-I-Tectcha"

New and Old



Messenger 1994 Movie Clip "mother fucker you touchin my bike?!?!!?"


Bridge Battle 3

Bridge Battle has returned this year and it's going to be tougher than ever. This Saturday, at 12 noon, track enthusiasts will meet at Rainey Park in Queens and proceed to take on NYC's most brutal bridges. So switch your cogs and get ready to be exhausted. The race ends at the Film Fest where Trackstar will host the street festival.



Trouble and Bass are runnin shit. Come join them as they bid farewell to Boogaloo.



Mass Appeal and King Stampede present a free bar-b-q for you broke-asses.

Weekend Fun

The new Bjork reminds me of Actraiser. Mad Suspect returns to Savalas Vice party at KCDC. BOOM



Jaw. Floor. Pick up. NOW. Just wow. Seriously, wow. This is the most amazing thing I've seen this year.


Put your hands up for NY

The Captain has linked up a new anthem from Curses! This track was first unveiled at the Masters of the Universe party this past weekend. If you were like me and had previous engagements, you prolly missed out on a great show. Take home the track here.


Beautiful #5 - Arne Quinze

This week's Beautiful tag is given to the work of Arne Quinze. Arne's Speed for Style Park is one of many examples of his attentiveness to detail explored in his work. You may be familiar with his other work for Architects / Designers such as OMA and Design Within Reach...

Macaframa SF Video

The age of the track bike is upon us in full momentum. Track bikes are the new BMX freestyle / skateboards of the 21st century. With every new form of sport, there are haters. People who call them trendy and "hipster shit"... Well to the haters, a big fuck you. I would pay money to watch one of you ride one of these bikes. Much less attempt to skid or ride a wheelie. To the riders, enjoy this amazing video. I love the emulation of early 90's skatevideos! I cannot wait to see where this goes!


Lugged beauty

Lugged beauty Originally uploaded by John Prolly.
Some pics from Amanda and I's trip to VT this past weekend. We swung by Old Spokes Home, a bike shop that's part store and part museum in North Burlington. Inside this shop, there was a Racer Kopskey Track frame from the ealry 19th century. This chromed frame was simply stunning as it hung in the sunlight.


ADC Young Guns Live

Big UPS to the heads over at WSDIA for nailing the ADC Young Guns poster and a spot on the podium! Jonathan, you're my hero. We'll be there, cheering you on...

Bicycle Film Festival 2007

Get ya chains lubed for this one. The Bicycle Film Fest is upon us again! Their site is launched and packed with events. If you can't throw down the cash for a full pass, you can buy individual tickets as well. One event to keep in your date book is the Joy Ride art show. Joy Ride is simply put, a show of artwork inspired by the bicycle. [With an afterparty at Home Sweet Home] I can't wait! Be sure to peep the Bike Kill 4 trailer as well...

OMA's RAK convention centre

OMA has produced a rather familiar form for their design of the RAK Convention Centre in Gateway City, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Darth Vader is gonna be pissed. From their site: Unlike the traditional high-rise building, the design for the Ras al Khaimah Convention and Exhibition Centre accommodates all primary functions, such as the convention centre, hotel rooms, apartments, offices and retail space in a giant sphere. A low-rise building adjacent to the sphere `hovers` above the ground beside the exhibtion centre, retail and additional hotel rooms. Access to the new buildings is provided by a new road system linking it to the city creating a direct connection between the new buildings and the exisiting urban structure. What is left to be invented when it comes to the creation of a landmark? So far the 21st century – in a desperate effort to differentiate one building from the next – has been characterized by a manic production of extravagant shapes. Paradoxically, the result is a surprisingly monotonous urban substance, where any attempt at ‘difference’ is instantly neutralized in a sea of meaningless architectural gestures. RAK is confronted with an important choice: Does it join so many others in this mad, futile race or does it become the first to offer a new credibility? This project represents a final attempt at distinction through architecture:not through the creation of the next bizarre image, but through a return to pure form. Invented long ago, both the sphere and the bar explicitly abandon claims to formal invention or ‘originality’. (The sphere even existed before man itself…) Yet both geometries still continue to feed the architectural imagination: perfectly autonomous shapes, within their bounds the promise of a perfect world – made possible only by the seamless integration of engineering. In spite of their apparent simplicity the sphere and the bar could come to represent a milestone in the construction of the new RAK and provide it with a powerful universal symbol: Western and Eastern, futuristic and primordial, contemporary and timeless.