Super Team 33 - Fanzine

Everyone had a zine back in the day. I know my good friend pushed his on everyone, claiming it was the best in the 'scene'. Well, New Balance has created a bit of nostalgia for your feet with the 3rd installment of the Super Team 33 series. When I first saw the Aquarium Fish ST 33's, my jaw dropped. The craft, detailing and materiality of these shoes set them apart from anything else I had ever seen. The Fanzine Super Team 33 pulls in references from the Zine era [before blogs and the internet]. The inner lining is printed with photocopied material, typewriter text and the random lines you get when you copy a template. Perforations and halftones call back to the typewriter days and the gray scale imagery found in these underground magazines. At $200 a pop, they'll drop at 33 stores worldwide. I lucked out and got my Neon Fish ST 33's for $100. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to cop these at the same price...

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