R.I.P. DIsco D

Sad day... This dude put on a great dj set and his music was unprecedented. From a friend of mine: Those who knew Dave know he was a once in a lifetime person with an electric and captivating personality. He was a friend without equal, who was selfless with himself and his counsel, consistently living up to his mantra, "the only thing you cant make more of is time." He was a relentlessly creative, passionate and ambitious artist whose passion for music illuminated everything he touched. Under the alias Disco D, Dave was responsible for production on 2 grammy nominated albums and releases totaling 17 million in sales worldwide. As a prodigious 15-year old in Ann Arbor, Dave began his DJ career, representing the burgeoning Ghetto-Tech scene from Detroit. By 16, he was a resident at the local Solar night and by 17, had produced and released his first 12" single. All of this, Dave accomplished before graduating from the University of Michigan's prestigious business school. Dave toured the world many times over as a DJ and was famous for his turntable dexterity and multi-genre sets. Dave was also integral in starting the Ghostly International label and co-produced the debut single, Hands Up For Detroit. Dave moved to New York City, with the goal of producing beats for major Hip-Hop artists, resulting in a string of high-profile productions and remixes, including the song "Ski Mask Way" for 50 Cent, which was considered a critic and fan favorite and arguably the album's best. He was profiled in magazines such as XXL and Scratch as an up-and-coming producer. His passion led him to Brazil where he began producing new Hip-Hop artists, looking to shed light on the local scene. On Tuesday, January 23rd, Dave took his life at the age of 27, ending a long and difficult bout with depression and bipolar disorder. Dave believed that sharing one's own problems and being open about his mental health was a way to help others. His courage, unrivaled passion, and his consistent dedication to his craft will never be forgotten. Personally, Dave was an inspiration and a mentor to me. No one worked harder or wanted to seize life more than him. His guidance, friendship and patience are immeasurable. His family, friends, fans and I are completely devastated by our loss of this amazing man. It is estimated nearly thirty percent of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder will attempt suicide at least once in their lives. The suicide rate is twenty times that of the general population. Depression and Bipolar disorder are diseases, not states of mind or inabilities to correct one's mood. I've never known anyone as positive or as hopeful as Dave, his passing is a reminder that mental health is as real and deadly as anything that we more commonly consider to be physical ailments. You can also post your respects to http://www.myspace.com/gringolouco

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