SAG bags

SAG, a Japanese Messenger bag company is finally digging new roots in the US cycling market. I first saw this brand a year or so ago in a Japanese track-bike magazine. Still, to this day, it's difficult to find information on the company, but like most Japanese designers, the attention to detail and branding makes these bags a worthy competitor to such companies as Chrome, Re:load and other messenger bag manufacturers. Gentei will be carrying these bags starting January. My favorite model is the backpack!

Boogaloo's gonna bleed

Saturday night after the DJ Rupture show, we're headin to Boogaloo. Come out and party till the early AM.


DJ Rupture graces NYC with his presence...

'Nuff said.... This show will be insane. He's still, to this day, one of the most impressive DJs I've ever seen.... He lives in Brooklyn now, so I'm assuming he'll be playing more shows. Maybe even a T&B party? December 2nd Show info HERE DJ Rupture & Andy Moor (the Ex)--live duo Midnight $5 For the past 2 years, turntablist DJ /rupture and guitarist Andy Moor have been playing improvised duos. Their dynamic interactions range from delicate avant-garde soundwork to futuristic beats intersected by angular guitar. ANDY MOOR is a member of legendary band The Ex. The last time RUPTURE played upstairs at Tonic he was DJing in a band with Norah Jones. Since then he's released records on Tigerbeat6 and Soul Jazz. Expect flipped hiphop battle techniques and a disregard for convention. December 13th Show info HERE

Gentei pt. 2

So over the Holiday weekend, I went to Baltimore with Amanda. While she was working on Friday, her brother and I went to Gentei, the only streetwear / skate / track bike boutique in the 410 area. I have nothing but great things to say about the shop. Everything from their branding, to the architecture, to their selection of rare goods [Bounty Hunter, Lowrider, Garni, ect] and their service. The dudes are all cool as hell, knowledgeable and probably the least pretentious of any similar shop I've ever visited. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, they teamed up with Garni, a Japanese jewelry designer to create a limited run of skull rings. The 80 rings are all adorned with marble veins and a Gentei emblem on the side... If you're in Bmore, def stop by. I got a pair of Aloha Nike Dunks by Kicks Hawaii for retail. Cop that! They just relaunched their site, so take a peek!


Drew is nuts...

So I came across these pictures the other day. They're of my boy Drew, in all his hypebeast-angst, toasting his Staple Design Pigeons. What these pics don't show is that he skated them too and basically ruined them, or so he thought. He ended up selling all his kicks, including the Pigeons to some kid. Worth a thousand laughs. And yes, they're 100% legit, not fake.


Closer: Commonwealth vs. Kenzo Minami

Commonwealth has done it again. This time, in their collaboration with Kenzo Minami, Commonwealth has turned its space into a space filled with vector graphics. Kenzo's work is based on an intricate module of random objects meticulously tiled ad infinitum throughout the space.
Here are some shots. The first image is courtesy of Archinect. None of my pictures of the tiles came out clear enough to post.

Keith Haring

Cinelli has produced a limited edition Keith Haring Track bike. The pursuit geometry is insane and the Haring-inspired wheelset is really amazing. Check it out!


Dat Velvet Blue

True talent right cheah right cheah. My boy Wes just finished his masterpiece entitled "Dat Velvet Blue". This short film started out as a regular production and quickly evolved into a nightmare. Watch as Wes shows you the art of motion, tracking and compositing.


Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors announced an electric sportscar that boasts 0-60mpg in 4 seconds. Their website is pretty informative, so I'll leave it to them to give you the facts. Be sure to look at the renderings and colour options. Tesla Motors


Thesis: Shift House

I recently came across an old .mpg file of my aforementioned Thesis Project that I had on one of my older external hard drives. I've uploaded it to myspace and youtube. A brief synapsis follows: The proceeding dialogue explores the possibilities involved in enhancing the role of a prefabricated architecture. Within this line of questioning arise questions on both the architecture's impact on the site and the site's impact on the architecture. The landscape explored in this investigation is one of a shifting nature. These shifts occur due to natural and unnatural influences. Through examination of a shifted site, i.e. a disaster scenario, the restructuring of the architectural dialog can question the way we inhabit disaster-prone instances. How do we approach a small scale project and its possible impact on a larger scale? How do we conceptualize an idea about assemblage and adaption? How do we capture the significance of place with respect to a transportable structure? Does the answer lie in the reflection of movement in architecture as form, as place, or as an approach to living? All these variables contribute to specifically creating a new form of modular architecture and its attachment, rather than detachment to site. As a collective comprehensive conclusion, disaster-responsive architecture responds primarily to the site: its conditions, materials, their characteristics, deployment, the procedure, and incorporation of the long term affects on the building's temporal positioning. I will take this opportunity to clarify the previous statements suggesting the duality of the project's intent. It is best defined as a process that has been defined and refined. Here's the video: Thesis Project: Shift House