Gentei pt. 2

So over the Holiday weekend, I went to Baltimore with Amanda. While she was working on Friday, her brother and I went to Gentei, the only streetwear / skate / track bike boutique in the 410 area. I have nothing but great things to say about the shop. Everything from their branding, to the architecture, to their selection of rare goods [Bounty Hunter, Lowrider, Garni, ect] and their service. The dudes are all cool as hell, knowledgeable and probably the least pretentious of any similar shop I've ever visited. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, they teamed up with Garni, a Japanese jewelry designer to create a limited run of skull rings. The 80 rings are all adorned with marble veins and a Gentei emblem on the side... If you're in Bmore, def stop by. I got a pair of Aloha Nike Dunks by Kicks Hawaii for retail. Cop that! They just relaunched their site, so take a peek!

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