A glimpse of what is to come for iPhone owners

Yeah, you wait. The number of people being assaulted for their iPhones in urban environments is going to be exponential for the months following it's long-awaited release. Watch this guy try to steal the reporter's mic in an attempt to grab the iPhone from the interviewee's hand.

fox news
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BOOM. Trouble and Bass bring you their tenth party, T&BX on July 7th. Get ready NYC.


Pop Up Pop Off Architecture

Jim Isermann Thursday, June 28th Deitch projects 18 Wooster st 6-9pm

Unit 1

Unit 1
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In my spare time, I've been working with a developer on a series of modular homes.

Each home has a series of configurations and "add-ons" that are constructed in pre-fab factories using fairly modern fixtures and detailing.

The renderings will be a part of a investment package and will be up on their website soon enough.

For now, I'll leave the client anonymous until the renderings have been signed off on.

Pretty simple and clean modernism...

participants' bikes

participants' bikes
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Amanda put up some images from Hey Riders! on her flickr. Checkem out!

Labor Race September 1st

So far, this is all the information on this race. Looks like it'll be fun. First place gets a set of Phil Wood hubs and there will be a prize for first non-messenger as well... The sponsors will hook it up as usually and hopefully someone will organize a cookout afterwards.


11 spring street

11 spring street
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Amanda snapped this and I felt that it needed some recognition.


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Pics are up from Saturday's HEY RIDERS! race in Baltimore. Shop Gentei threw their first alley cat and had a pretty big turnout. The race took the riders to all ends of Baltimore and covered most the famous and infamous spots in between. NYC showed up and kids from SF flew out for this race. Jameson, Alek and I took 18th - 20th outta about 80 riders or so. I Google Pedometer'd our course for the race HERE


Fatlace Decals

Fatlace has released their Deep V decals. For $25 a wheel, it's a little steep, but I'm still buying a Spitfire decal set!



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A few shots are up on my Flickr from the Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis: Tropism opening night


Rumble through the Bronx 4

"This is my bicycle, there are many like it but this one is mine. My bicycle is my best friend. Without me, my bicycle is useless, without my bicylce, I am useless..." Asise from Jameson's NASTY wreck - it was a great time. Can't wait for Broadway Bombing. This weekend, we're rollin through Bmore for the Gentei Alleycat.



Now everyone that lives outside NYC can visit the LES virtually whenever they want! Vice Magazine has launched vLES - Virtual Lower East Side... Check it out.

Lemme see your warface

Rumble Thru The Bronx
155 and St. Nick, Manhattan : Saturday, June 16, 2007
registration: $15.00
where: 155 and St. Nick, Manhattan
when: Saturday, June 16, 2007 12pm REGISTRATION, 1pm RACE
directions: Rumble The Bronx PLUS Beach Party! You don't want to miss this!
details: Mission 1: Rumble Thru the Bronx 4 (June 16): Since last year's route was published in advance using GoogleMap's Satellite imaging of the Bronx, the most ambitious know that this is a brutal race that combines the hilly, inhospitable environment of the Bronx with an epic scale that requires winners to be in amazing condition to endure the distance while beating out the rest of the field to make it to the traditional Orchard Beach afterparty, kicking off the series.


Trixie 2

Reminder: Tropism

This Saturday at 7pm is the Commonwealth vs. Joshua Davis exhibition. Get there early for the free beer by Peroni.


NYC Streetwear Sample Sale

Participating designers: LEFT FIELD www.leftfieldnyc.com MISHKA www.mishkanyc.com NAME RIBBON www.nameribbon.com NOSSA www.nossadesign.com KING STAMPEDE www.boundlessny.com REASON www.reasonclothing.com A.L.I.E.N. www.thegalaxyriders.com BROOKLYN SKY www.brooklynsky.com 50 to 70% off / CASH ONLY $3 draft beer till 8pm $3 well drinks till 8pm Music provided by CUT and Trouble & Bass DJs www.cutnyc.com www.troubleandbass.com

M.A.S.H. World Premier

Fatlace has some pictures up from the long-overdue premier of M.A.S.H. last Saturday night in San Fran. Really crazy crowds showed up. Can't wait for the NYC premier.


Wake up Bloomberg

It's not just NYC Cyclists who think your laws regarding bicycle safety are lax. Telegraph ran an article on the Ghost Bikes of NYC. It's a good quick read. Give it a one over here.


Faile's First NYC Show

Faile has a new show up and tonight's the opening party. If you're in the LES / Chinatown, swing by and check it out. It's not often that you see a substantial opening out of the Chelsea context. The work spans Faile's career as one of the most influential and pronounced names in street art.

Coat of Arms

A new shop has opened on the LES. Coat of Arms provides the latest in the streetwear market with a selection of hats, jackets, shorts, tees and sneakers by the top brands on the market. This Friday, they're having their jumpoff party. Come out, drink free beer and watch Catchdubs cut shit up.

Black and White

Black and White Originally uploaded by John Prolly
Some updates on Necro. New Paul Hubs to Velocity Deep V's in White [again] and a new 110 stem. Mix-matched oury's scream "jungle fever" and clipless pedals for the summertime sprinting.

Oh Hell Yes

These New Balance Samples have surfaced on the 'net recently and they serve as a prime example of how this company has really stepped their game up. Purple suede with reflective "+" on the toebox. Pretty slick


Another reason to ride brakeless

... decals for your non-machined deep v's. It was only a matter of time. Benny Gold and Fatlace teamed up to produce 9 wheelset decals. These will drop June 20th. Or, you could just go to any sign shop and make your own. Pretty dope!

Fucking Awesome

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Dem Gentei boys know how to trick out dem track bikes. This new Landshark was spotted at Shop Gentei this past weekend while I was in Bmore. Ups to these guys for having the dopest shop on the east coast... A few more pics on are my Flickr set. Peep them HERE


Mishka Webstore Exclusive

Head over to Mishka now to cop three webstore exclusive shirts. The Tentacle Assault Bear Mop, Cyrillic Trails and my favorite, the callabo between JK5 and Mishka celebrating Greg's "I pity the Dolls" exhibition. Greg gave me one of them and they are wild. Head over now, because their store is being bombarded...