Wack Bike People

The NYGlob has some stills from the up and coming Duffed Out Video... This is my favorite. The image is titled "wackbikepeople.jpg"


So last Thursday I had a few beers and was riding at the Peel Sessions [post-sprints]. I had a nice fakie line and went to cut a sharp turn when I got pedal strike on my new pedals. Well, the pedal threads being steel and the crank arm threads being forged aluminum, STRIPPED the crank threads clean. I was in awe. Literally, they shaved the threads right off! These were brand new Sugino RDs and I know how to install pedals!

Fixed.gr Magazine

So with all the Fixed Gear magazines floating about, we decided to make our own. Here's a sneak peak of the cover; featuring Tony Fast and the photography of Jose Martinez. Thanks Will!

Scratch for Scratch Races

The last Thursday of every month this Summer at the Peel Sessions, GET SUM presents: Midnight Kieran Klub, the scratch for scratch races. Last week was a great turnout. Alex won and we had some SF kids come out as well. Here's a video Chris Habib shot.


Bike Shorts and Bootleg Sessions 2

Saturday, July 5th! NYC Premier of Bootleg Sessions 2!


Ocean City Alleycat

Yep. You heard right. The Shop Gentei rad boys are throwin an alleycat in Ocean City Maryland on July 13th. Looks like the T&C crew are coming by as well... I'll be there!


NOS Daccordi Pista

Bens has listed a NOS 55cm Daccordi Pista on their website... Looks like a BEAST!

Vans Syndicate x Gabe Morford

Skateboarding photographer / co-director of MASH, Gabe Morford has collaborated with VANS to produce the new Syndicate line. Comes with a hip pouch / u lock holster. Sign me up!



Awesome riding from the Japanese JAN crew! Big ups guys! Looks really good!
trailer for FUMIKIRI from JAN on Vimeo.


For Tony Fast

Tony and Tom are always picking on me about blogging... well guys, here's my new desk. via Core77

High Line Animation

Below is a video from the offices of the esteemed Brooklyn Foundry in NYC showcasing their design strategy and timeline for the Highline. I can't wait! West Chelsea is quickly uppin' its architecture game!


Shiba Friday

Tokyo!!!!!!! Feelin the video. Great to see the 360 Spin to wheelie. Kids are pushing it! Looks like Kyoichi's gettin some ups too! ... on a related noted, I just got some Wellgo Pedals from Danscomp and my feet are already much happier! Makes it easier to do all the tricks I've just learned too!

Fun Crusher

To test out Milwaukee's new 130 BCD Crusher, Luke and I shot this video a few weeks ago. Came out pretty cool. Make sure to watch it in HD.
Fun Crusher from Luke Stiles on Vimeo.

Hardcore 100 gets hooked up

We recently sent Kyoichi from Bootleg Sessions a care pack from Mishka for being a part of the Bootleg Sessions family. Glad he got it!

Obama Meets with Bicycle Industry

I had to post this story about Obama AFTER the story on Bush. From Bike Radar "United States Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, a senator from Illinois, met with leaders from the US bicycle industry to discuss two-wheeled initiatives at the home of FK Day, one of SRAM's founders June 12." Left to Right: Allen Needle (Giant), Greg LeMond, Chris Kegel (Wheel & Sprocket), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Tim Blumenthal (Bikes Belong), Chris Fortune (Saris), hostess Leah Day, Senator Barack Obama, host F.K. Day (SRAM), Stan Day (SRAM), Michael Mercuri (SRAM), Pat Cunnane (Fuji), Kozo Shimano (Shimano), Patrick Seidler (WTB), Chris Lambiase (Bicycling Magazine), and Steve Flagg (QBP)

GWB gets a new MTB

Jesus... From Singletrack World: Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia and President of The Council of European Union Janez Jansa today presented the president of the United States of America George W. Bush with a mountain bike during his visit in Slovenia for the meeting EU – USA. This is no coincidence, since American president is well known for his outdoor activities and special passion for mountain biking in the past years.


Stanton St. Session

So, once again, Chris Habib came out to document our trickery with his HVX camera. So clean... ALL HAND HELD. Shot by a pro. make sure to watch it HERE in HIGH QUALITY


The Host Q&A

One of my favorite horror / sci-fi films as of recent years is The Host. Even though it's a Korean film with English subtitles, it's worth the watch. I first saw it when it was released in the States and it's ranked in my top 10 recent movies of choice. From the plot to the special effects, it's a great film! And check out that monster! Next Friday, the 27th, at the New Museum, there will be a Q&A session with Hub Fellow Haeyun Park. Park will discuss everything from the Anti-Americanisms within the films plot to the 5-year ban on US Beef imports to Korea.


Dubstep Allstars Vol. 6

Bangin', bangin', bangin'... BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT! I just got the new Dubstep Allstars Vol 6 and it's really worth the $15. Appleblim's dubplate selection is really great. This will be on constant repeat!

Peter Cook Interviewed on Archinect

If anyone was remotely into prefabricated / mobile architecture then you probably know who Archigram was. If you know who and what Archigram was, then you're aware of who Peter Cook IS. Well, Archinect has posted an interview with the renown scholar. Read it over as he discusses architectural education's current state.

Into the Ravine

Fränk Schleck at the Tour de Suisse today

RAAM winners!

... were on fixed gears! Team Fixies [why did they have to choose that as their name?] won the Race Across AMerica in 8 days. All of their bikes were 48×17 fixed gear and had two brakes to share the workload on long descents. Their maximum speed was 37 mph. One rider was spinning so fast that his chain came off on that beautiful, long descent through Jerome, AZ.

Tarot Throwback

Julius just sent me this image of the Orlando Rat Race 2 spoke card. Well done guys!

Too Dangerous for Freedom

Varg Vikernes, of Burzum, was recently denied parole for the second time, as Norwegian newspaper VG Nett stated. He has served two-thirds of his 21 year sentence, which is not enough, as the Norwegian Ministry of Justice has stated that Vikernes was, “too dangerous for freedom” and “too dangerous to be released into the community”... Classic! Whatever, Filosofem is a great album...

Tony Fuckin' Fast

Shredding hard and fast as always.
Untitled from Bootleg Sessions on Vimeo.

Why Democrats Think Republicans Are Racist

At last weekend's Republican state convention in Texas, this pin was being sold by an official convention vendor. It wasn't just a pin being worn by one redneck racist. The sad part is that this is official Texas Republican merchandise. To think these people carry a huge chunk of the vote makes me sick.


DART is in Vapors this month

As Burd pointed out, the DART riders are in Vapors this month, along with many of the prominent figures of the fixed-gear scene. We're honored! Click the images for full-res.

Calvin and Hobbes

Just another classic Bill Watterson masterpiece.

Edge Defines Space

A new house, Kuro, by Takuya Hosokai has been added to his website. The way space is defined by edges and accentuated by light is something I've been working on at my current job. It's not an easy task and Takuya pulls it off beautifully.

Rooftop Rampage

Last weekend, Red Bull sponsored the Billy Rohans Rooftop Rampage where Luis Tolentino broke the world record with a 45 in oillie!


Some choice cuts in this video. 180 skid to rock walk and 180 is awesome. Good moves guys, keep it up!
Unfinished from Tony West on Vimeo.


2008 PS1 Warm Up Line-up Announced

It's finally summertime in NYC so it's mandatory to take advantage of some outdoor live music. One of the most anticipated events every year is PS1's Warm Up series in Queens. It's held every Saturday starting in July so if you're thinking about checking it out one weekend, I recommend getting their early as there's always a line all the way around the building. Kicks off July 5 and continues every Saturday from 3PM-9PM through September 6 5-July Nublu hosts Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris DJs Justin Carter & Probus (Nublu) Dex aka Nomadico (Underground Resistance) So Percussion performs Steve Reich 12-July Rong/DFA hosts Free Blood DJ Spun (Rong Music) Scotty Coats (RVCA, LA) Sawako 19-Jul agnes b presents DJ Danton & DJ s to be announced Dorit Chrysler 26-Jul DFA hosts James Murphy & Pat Mahoney (lcd soundsystem) Liv Spencer (Still Going) Ikue Mori 2-Aug Black Rock Coalition hosts Chuck Treece's McRad Apollo Heights DJs to be announced 9-Aug Mungolian Jet Set DJs to be announced 16-Aug Environ hosts Kelley Polar Quartet Metro Area (Environ) Tony Conrad 23-Aug Fimic & Artists’ Association of Finland presents DJ Poodlecannon Jimi Tenor Op:L Bastards DJs to be announced 30-Aug Jonathan Kane's February James Chance and The Contortions Matthew Dear & Ryan Elliott (Spectral Sound, USA) Jason Evans (Hey Convict! Australia) 6-Sep Lisa Shaw (live) Bing Ji Ling (live) Neil Aline (Chez Music) Jerome Derradji (Still Music)

Mike Giant Disk Wheels

12oz Prophet has pics of Mike Giant's disk wheels. Not sure what the deal is with these. But the artist has created them for his company, Rebel 8. Doubt they'll go into production for the masses since disk wheels on the street are generally a really bad idea. ... but who knows! They'd make some MEAN polo wheels!


Brooklyn Slow Sunday

Shot some footage at one of my favorite neighborhood spots today.
Slow Sunday from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Tom's Crush

Tony sent me this... Tom's got a crush in Philly!

Flying Coffin Summer Line!

I will buy pretty much everything from 3 brands. Flying Coffin, Actual Pain and Mishka. This Summer, Flying Coffin has killed it yet again! BAD ASS GUYS!


Slow and Backwards Saturday

My brother Mike came into town this weekend and rode a friend's 29'r around the city with me. We went to a bunch of lower Manhattan spots... Slow and Backwards Saturday from John Prolly on Vimeo.


Vimby on BFF NYC 2008

Nice lil video about the Bicycle Film Fest in NYC. Via Tracko!

Red Bull Experiment

As many of you know, Red Bull showcased an experiment yesterday in Central Park. A BMX rider named Kevin Robinson broke Mat Hoffman's BMX record. Check out the video below! Insanity!

It's National Pigeon Day Today!

Make sure to thank your neighborhood rats with wings! Image via Humanunderconstruction

DART wins Post of the Year on Bike Snob!

That's right, the infamous Death Adders Road and Track cycling team posting on Bike Snob has been crowned the most commented [and therefore BEST] post on the notorious Bike Snob NYC blog. Three cheers!

#1: The Death Adders Cycling Team (214)

It's somehow fitting that Prolly and his crew should take the win by a tire. It's also strange to look at that post because I had a severe fever at the time and had to lie down like every third sentence. I'm actually surprised it's coherent. Fixed gear fever--catch it! (And I caught it all right.)


On a related note...

Monkeys Racing Bears on Bicycles - Watch more free videos

Slow Wednesday

My boys killing it! Gaps, drops and wallrides.
A Slow Wednesday Jam from Bootleg Sessions on Vimeo. Big ups to: Brooklyn Machine Works Profile Racing Continental Mishka

CCTV and Nike?

The controversial CCTV building by Starchitect Rem Koolhaus' cronies at OMA has teamed up with Nike China to display, through a series of digital projections, the Chinese Olympic team's top athletes. We're all familiar with the protests that have occurred surrounding the Olympic Games in China this year. I'm not a huge fan of the way the Chinese government is dealing with Tibet and personally, I feel like this building is using its iconography to pull the wool over the international art and architecture scene's eyes. Essentially, the Chinese government isn't known for its trustworthiness. Now, they have a building that embodies their Communist control over the Tibetan people and due to the building's international recognition, some feel as if OMA should have taken the higher road... Anyway, here's a glimpse into Nike's marketing for the Olympics in Beijing.

A REAL fake Skate Video

Loving it!


Necro's Resurrection!

My old bike, Necro was sold to a friend of mine, who powder-coated it bright yellow! She looks fierce!

Dubchild at Trouble and Bass!

Reduced Admission HERE

For more info: Visit Dubchild’s Myspace. He has a streaming mix on his myspace player of his most recent live mix. REAL CRAZY!

This party will also be our celebration of our latest release on the Trouble & Bass label alongside Palms Out to bring you Math Head ‘Turn The Music Up’ 12″ which is out now!

Kolture Vultures 2

Kids killin it! Love the ending...

BFF pt. 3

Urban Velo has continued their coverage of the NYC Bicycle Film Fest with these pictures shot at Trackstar's street festival and the Bootlegged Peel Sessions.


Fixed and Furious

I just got this in a Gchat with Tony Fast... More information here, on Cranks 505! They used a pic of me via Demoncats from the Shop Gentei ABC Race last Fall.

130 BCD Crusher

So a few blogs have already picked these images off my Flickr account. I was waiting for clearance from Milwaukee Cycles before posting them, but since the cat's outta the bag, they gave me the go ahead... A few months back, Milwaukee Cycles approached me and asked if I'd be interested in testing out their Crusher. Initially intended to protect your chain ring from abuse while playing polo or just doign tricks, a few people have upped the ante into using the guard as a surface to grind or stall on. Much like mountain bikers, trial riders and bmx riders use their sprocket guards, this guard is meant to take a beating and it has. Well, Drew shot me an email of urgency last week and shipped me their prototype for a lighter, less expensive and a 130 BCD guard. It runs on Sugino RDs, which cost about $80 versus the $250 Sugino 75's the earlier model was made for. I spent the weekend abusing it for the sake of science and it's held up much better than the original one did to these grinds. Milwaukee will also be releasing this Crusher in the 144 BCD as well. Here she is, in all her glory. and some older footage of the OG Crusher in action Ghostride from John Prolly on Vimeo.


Merckx Pics

So I finally got around to taking pictures of my new Merckx. There's a polished stainless steel garage door over by the East River in Greenpoint that I came across last week. It made for a perfect backdrop. Anyway, here she is. 59.5 center to top seat tube 57 center to center top tube Cinelli 2a stem + Criterium bars CRecord cranks Super Record seat post CRecord headset Concor Profil saddle Phil Wood 36h 3x fix/fix to Mavic Open Pro CDs