"The Alleycats"

Abc7chicago's coverage of Matt Manger-Lynch's death in the "Tour of Chicago" alleycat series is painstakingly uncomfortable to watch, much less read. Unless you look closely at the headline...

Club Music Friday


High Line 23 Renderings

Triple Mint has released the images for HL23, a Neil Denari project. Denari teamed up with developer Alf Naman to create this gorgeous building. That's 2 for 2 Neil! Keep it up! West Chelsea is quickly becoming my favorite neighborhood. In terms of the Architecture at least...

Why I love Dinosaur Comics


Monster Track 2008 Side Events

Brought to you by King Kog, the Monster Track Side Events flier has been released. Sponsored by Freight Baggage and Mishka NYC. Who's the monkey on the flier?


Two Monstrous Vinyl Stockpiles

Two Monstrous Vinyl Stockpiles is a party thrown by Bill Dozer at the Charleston on Nth 7th and Bedford. Black metal, doom metal, hardcore, thrash, ect. Come get your heavy on!

Profile Hubs

Profile Hubs 4 Originally uploaded by John Prolly
Profile hooked me up with these pretty bastards. Hot, beefy and crying to be abused, Also, they're PURPLE!

Tour de Cali

So I was flipping through Flickr and I found Expictura's stream. Typical racing shots of the Tour of California. Seems that the Specialized angel got more than she bargained for when Pedro Horrillo Munoz of Rabobank flicked his tongue at her in a suggestive manner... Look at her face, she loves it!


Zune x Friends with You x Santogold

Really really really feeling this. It's pretty amazing. Brooklyn's own Santogold is the "new MIA" as far as my girlfriend's concerned. A little more "rock and roll" and less international flare. This spot for Zune makes me smile. I'd never own a Zune, but the commercials have been pretty dead-on.


Yes, I have a mustache

Some people...

have nice bikes

Rumble V

Lemme see your warface! RUMBLE V!

BIG Mountain Dwellings

I made a post earlier about Danish Architects Bjarke Ingels Group or BIG. Well, their Mountain Dwellings project in Copenhagen is nearing completion. I'm impressed. Actually, I'm floored at how beautiful this utopian-esque development is. Reminds me of Habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie. I wanna live in one!


From one extreme...

to the other... the OGs. Big Ups Squid. Lookin good....


Introducting the Mishka DART cycling team

A project that's been in the works for a while now has finally launched. The Mishka NYC Death Adders Road and Track cycling team or DART has come to light! As a close friend of the Mishka crew and a member of their family, they felt that it was a good idea to create a street team of riders who appreciate Mishka's designs and who are respected in the scene. This isn't a sponsorship like Nike or Puma, it's a brand that's down with supporting their family and are stoked to see where this goes! Read the briefing below: For those of you unfamiliar with the world of fixed gears, here's a crash course in the history of the bicycle's forefather. In the simplest terms, fixed gear bikes lack a freewheel and therefore are incapable of coasting. If the wheels are turning, then your feet are pedaling. The first bicycles were fixed gears, but since then bikes have added more gears, better brakes and lighter materials. Up until about 10 years ago, the only place you'd see a fixed gear was either on your kid brother's tricycle or on a track bike, which were traditionally ridden on a banked track called a velodrome. Slowly, these bikes made their way onto the street as road racers used them to train in the winter and messengers used them because they were cheap to buy and maintain. Contemporary fixed-gear culture, has been growing steadily since the late 90's. It began in cities like New York, and now the fixed-gear bicycle is commonplace in both urban and more recently, suburban areas across the world. This growing popularity has helped usher in new talent & new innovation. In the same way that kids riding Schwinn Stingrays off dirt jumps preceded BMX, track bikes are evolving into the new freestyle bicycle of choice for many people. While the status quo inevitably tends oppose anything new & revolutionary, the ideology behind fixed gears is simple… just get out and have fun. Being Brooklyn based, cycling is very much a part of everyday life for most of us at Mishka. We’ve watched and participated in cycling’s growing popularity over the years and have enjoyed a mutual respect between ourselves and riders. We’re beyond proud to introduce to you the Death Adders Road and Track (D.A.R.T) Cycling Team. We’ve carefully recruited a group of riders on the forefront of this booming subculture. This eclectic group of athletes are motivated to not only push the boundaries in exciting ways, but to re-define and evolve the sport to the next level. The support and encouragement of this evolution forms the foundation of the Mishka D.A.R.T Cycling Team. Led by team rider & D.A.R.T captain John "Prolly" Watson, Mishka will be scouting the globe for talented riders, sponsoring & organizing bike-related events, creating rider specific gear and collaborating with the best in the industry on hardware. For all press inquiries relating to Mishka NYC or D.A.R.T Cycling Team, please contact: Annie Lam Media Relations Mishka NYC P: 647 204 0978 annie@breadwinner.ca Photography by Luke "Jonny" Stiles, Ed Glazar & Wilis Johnson


Rootbeer Float

1980's NOS Casati 58square 58ctt 58ctc Campagnolo C Record Pista 165 Cranks 48t Record Chainring Campagnolo Record Headset Campagnolo Sealed Cartridge Bottombracket Campagnolo Nuevo Record Seatpost Salsa Stem 100 Nitto B125 Bars MKS Pedals with MKS Doubles NOS Selle Turbo 28H Campy Record HF Hubs Laced to Wolber Tubular Rims 28h tied and soldered Continental Tempo 22 Tubulars More pics here Many thanks to Sasha for the pictures and wrenches.


Lego Brap Brap

Danny Bones brought this image to my attention... Pretty epic.

New Rave Thugs

Man o Man... First Kanye, now this! Pretty soon, people will be dancing with glowsticks at hip hop shows. [I want it for my bike]


Tony Fast, of Bootleg Sessions fame sent this to me. edit: Tony hates bacon, so he cannot endorse this. for other gross bacon creations, check this and this out!


Denim & Leather

One of my favorite clothing labels, Actual Pain has uploaded a really brutal mixtape entitled Denim & Leather to their blog. Look at this tracklisting! Download it here Bolt Thrower – Cenotaph Repulsion – Maggots In Your Coffin Entombed – Left Hand Path Destuction – Satan’s Vengeance Ghoul – As Your Casket Closes Gorgoroth – Carving A Giant Weakling – Cut Their Grain And Place Fire Therein Watain – Devil’s Blood Tragedy – Untitled Track edit: link is fixed

No VDs this VDay for NYC

Last year, NYC unveiled it's free condom campaign on Valentine's Day. The Department of Health is at it again with a new ad campaign, commercials and nicely branded condoms. Not to mention a new slogan "Get Some"... They've done a TV spot and an ad en EspaƱol. This VDay, make sure you avoid venereal diseases, head here to figure out where you can get these free condoms.

We Meet Again Dr. Jones

The teaser for the new Indiana Jones movie is up on Yahoo movies. Entitled Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and slated to reach theaters in May 2008. It seems Dr. Jones is trying to track down the legendary Crystal Skull by Damien Hurst. I know it's actual diamonds but the film industry is hurting!



This recent project from Schemata Architecture Office is really exquisite. It gets it's name, the 63.02° house from it's apparent alignment with the street. Not sure what the significance of the somewhat arbitrary angle is, but it's an interesting design solution for a contextual condition.

Stop Calling Me Dude

Dude, if that were me when I was 14 and that cop was talking about my parents like that. I could assure you my dad would have put HIS foot up that Pig's ass.

Dexplicit in NYC

Via Dutty Artz TV Jace a.k.a. DJ Rupture interviews Dexplicit about his role in 4x4 and bassline. Pretty informative about the NYC scene and the vibe of the T&B party. Big ups to Luca, Vivian, Ben and Patrick. You guys are blowing up! I didn't make it to this, but Amanda did. Shit blew up!


Benga Essential Mix

Click here for the new Benga Essential Mix. Two hours of great dubstep spun by one of the OG dubstep producers. Tracklisting below: 2nd February 2008 Benga Benga – ‘B4 The Dual’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Urban Fox’ Benga & Ld – ‘Ld Project’ Seven – ‘Siren’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Crunked Up’)(TEMPA) Skream – ‘Filth’ Benga – ‘Twister’ (TEMPA) Jakes – ‘2 Steps Backwards’ (Benga Vip) Benga- ‘Drums West’ (TEMPA) Coki – ‘Luxor’ Magnetic Man – ‘Eclipse’ Benga – ‘Assumptions Remix’ (Ringo) Skream – ‘Oi Come Here Soon’ Benga – ‘26 Basslines’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Trips’ (TEMPA) Benga & Walsh – ‘Addicts’ Benga Feat. Dynamite Mc – ‘True Sound’ Skream – ‘Untitled’ Benga – ‘The Cut’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Out Of Phaze’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Technology’ Benga & Coki – ‘Night‘ (TEMPA) Benga & Coki – ‘Night Artwork Refix’ Benga – ‘Mixed Signals’ Benga – ‘Industrial Problem’ Benga – ‘Pleasure’ (TEMPA) Distance – ‘Victim Support’ Benga – ‘Musto’ Benga – ‘Feel No Better’ Skream – ‘Wionky’ Faithless – ‘Insomnia’ [Benga Remix] Skream - Late For Holland Benga & Walsh – ‘Bassface’ Benga – ‘Serial Numbers’ Coki – ‘Roadrage’ Benga – ‘80's Electro’ Skream – ‘Kinky’ Skream – ‘Tek A Pill’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Benga's Off His Head’ Benga – ‘Creational’ Skream – ‘Wobble That Gut’ (TEMPA) Benga – ‘Mind The Gap’ Skream – ‘Simple City’ Benga – ‘New Tone’ Coki – ‘Triple 6‘ Benga – ‘Air’ (TEMPA) Geiom – ‘Remenissin' You’ [Skream Remix] Skream – ‘Chestboxing Remix’ [Benga Remix] Klaxons – ‘It Aint Over Yet’ [Skream Remix] Benga – ‘Back To Singles’ Magnetic Man – ‘Is Everything Cool’ Magnetic Man – ‘Glitches’

NAHBS Catalog

Rather than repost a bunch of images that are circulating around the net, I figured I'd just post the catalog. If you click here, you can download it. picture via bikeportland.org's flickr