Dammits Sooo Hot Sale

I'll be in NC this weekend, but you NYC cats should hit this up!


Green Velvet

Green Velvet
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Pics from this past weekend are up on my Flickr page.

Check em out!


New Bike Day!

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Sorry I've been MIA lately. Work's been eating up all my free time and I've been a bit of a hermit working on freelance as well. My new frame came in today. Purchased from Shop Gentei in Baltimore, these French-Canadians know how to detail a bike with classic style and an aero seat tube. Look at that cleft in the picture! Got my Turbo saddle, Nitto Jaguar Stem and an old school Blue BMX chain in the mail. C record HS and BB along with C Record hubs laced to Mavic open pros coming shortly. Waiting on the Campy seat post and double toe straps. Can't wait to ride it!


New Bike Day pt. 2

This should be arriving shortly!

Legless Crawling Hunk of Plastic

Finally, a toy that embodies my recent physical state. This Crawling Zombie toy made me literally laugh out loud in my office this morning. Maybe I should get one for my desk...


Goodby Domino

Thank you for carrying me throughout the craziest city in the US for the past years. You were a truly noble steed. But alas, a new project is underway. Stay tuned for more pics after the jump.


Jean Nouvel for Corian

French architect Jean Nouvel has collaborated with Corian, a dupont company, to create an apartment out of the composite material. Nouvel had the following to say: "I have always seen Corian® as a material that symbolizes total abstraction - the materialisation of an “absence” that is difficult to construct. How do you make an absence present? That is the difficult and eternal question for an architect who wants to keep the poetry of the design while making it a reality. This is the main reason why I was passionate about the proposition of designing a space in Corian® that talked about light." photos Dezeen blog It's a shame this material's waste products are 100% non-recyclable!

Reading balcony

Reading balcony Originally uploaded by John Prolly
More work renderings are up on my flickr, including my new favorite area in the penthouse that's been consuming my life for the past 6 months. This reading balcony hovers 30' off the ground and will be clad in some color / pattern much like the media room pit.



77th Originally uploaded by John Prolly
A few pics from the 77Boadrum are up on my Flickr. Also came across this video so you can see what the hell was going on!!



7 7 7

From Living

From Living
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A few new renderings are up on my Flickr page. I've been working with a developer of Rapson-designed modular homes. Interior and Exterior renderings will slowly leak onto my Flickr account as they finish.